Places to Visit in Koboko District

The Ancestral Home of Idi Amin Dada

koboko idi amin

The ancestral village of Idi Amin Dada near DR Congo – Uganda border in Koboko district is the home that reflects the journey of Amin and his ancestors. Late Amin’s ancestral home is located in Pakayo Cell, Amunupi Ward, Koboko West Division in Koboko Municipality.

Of late, Koboko Municipal Council recognized the ancestral home of the former Ugandan President as a potential tourist site and has moved a resolution to develop it.

Musala (Tripartite Point)

Salia Musala

Salia Musala is a political landscape that lets you see the border point of Uganda, Congo and South Sudan created in 1914 after the Belgium rule of Congo and the transfer of West Nile region to British Colonial rule.

The point signifies a historical landmark of three sovereign States meeting at a point symbolized by three stems of a tree. The smallest representing Uganda, the medium one representing South Sudan and the biggest representing the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain Liru

Mt Liru

Mt. Liru can be found on the border between Koboko and Maracha districts, accessible via Lurujo Road in Lurujo Parish, Lobule Sub County, Koboko district.

There is a customized view of Mt. Liru when you sit on the Komendaku (Lugbara for ‘you don’t have to look for a Chair to sit on’) rock. On top of Liru is a crater lake believed to connect to River Nile underground.

Sometimes when it rains heavily, you see the mountain overflowing into the green forest around its foot. The mountain harbours rock badgers, red monkeys and other wildlife.

You can see the first pair of mountains in alignment if you stand on Koboko Hill.

Mt. Liru is believed to be the ancestral place where the predecessors of Kakwa people lived. To date, elders perform rituals on the mountain whenever the need arises.

Adolomila Crater Lake

Koboko Crater

Adolomila Crater Lake measuring about 0.5Km by 70 meters is located in Ludara Sub County, Koboko district. The lake is permanently in the middle of surrounding low rigged hills and it’s the only known Crater Lake in Northern Uganda.





Sultans’ Burial Place and Grave of Amin Dada

The former Chief of Kakwa called ‘Sultans’ and the father of Idi Amin Dada were buried at the same cemetery. This cemetery has remained a key tourist site in Koboko district.

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