About Maracha Town

The Maracha District, unique in its own way, was actually once a part of Arua district up until 2006. It was separated from Terego which has now been returned to Arua as a county in 2010. The Maracha District, divided into Lower (Maracha East) and Upper (Maracha) counties, is blessed with natural resources including fertile soil, breathtaking rock formations, and one of the finest recreational beaches in West Nile (owned by Monsignor Kasto Adeti).

Some regard Maracha as being famous for Mairungi in West Nile and churning out Ambassadors plus Musicians. It’s between Arua and Koboko and stands out as a rock view area, something like the Grand Canyon of West Nile as you travel on Yumbe Road after branching from the Koboko Road towards Tara(dise).

You will also find places named after other areas in Uganda for instance Kololo, Mengo, Malaba and Kampala (Market). Alikua Pyramid and Miria Adua falls are some other interesting places to visit for the outdoor explorer.

Alikua Forts and Monument Heritage

Alikua Pyramid

The Alikua Monument commonly referred to as ‘Pyramid’ was an administrative post of the Belgium Colonial government and the military Fort during the Belgium-Congo Colony under the rule of King Leopold 11 from the period 1894-1911.






Miria Adua Waterfalls

Miria Adua Waterfall

Miria Adua was born in Pakwach near the Nile during one of the travels by Adua. Miria Adua was the first born son of Adua, the former County Chief of Maracha also the Chief Judge of West Nile by the time of his retirement in 1961 and was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) for his Services to the Colonial Government.

Miria Adua asked locals, who settled around the river what they called the Waterfall, and they told him ‘Iyi Kuru’ however, that was the general Lugbara term for Waterfalls, so he named it after himself.

Miria Adua is comprised of unique steps – waterfalls located in Kijomoro Sub County, Maracha district. The falls are of about 10 metres with short grooved slabs of hard rock surfaces in which the Miria Adua River falls. The water fall scenery is the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic.

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