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Dufile Fort

Moyo Dufile

Dufile was a Military Fort established by the Sir Charles Gordon, the governor of Equatorial Province in 1874 and later, occupied by Emin Pasha in 1879 until 1889. Dufile was the largest of some 20 major Egyptian stations in Northern Uganda and the South Sudan.

Many of the Forts were occupied for relatively short periods but it was believed that Dufile was in existence during much of the Emin Pasha period.

The purpose of the Fort was to stop slave trade activities in Northern Uganda and South Sudan which was significantly being carried out by the Arab traders.

Mt. Otze Forest Reserve

Moyo Mt Otze

Otze forest reserve in Metu Metu Sub County has rich bio-diversity with high potential for eco-tourism.







Moyo Peoples Hall Colonial Buildings

The old colonial building served as an administrative centre for East and West Moyo under the West Nile district. It was also a civic centre for the people of West Nile. 

Kotilo Sacred Forest

Kotilo Sacred Forest reserve is where the Madi Chiefs were buried Opi Wayi, Bandasi Dumunu and Lodo Feliciano. The symbols of stone marks and natural forest trees symbolize the life of Royal Chiefs living on the growing trees. Reconciliation and justice meetings are administered by the kings at this site. 

River Nile Bank

The Nile River bank raises sharply upwards producing a landscape characterized by plateaus, flat topped hills, inter sparse with deep valleys and giving rise to steep slopes. Drainage occurs towards the Nile, through a series of rivers, which are seasonal and mainly supplied by rainwater.

These features provide beautiful sceneries for tourist attraction.

Although the hills in the Sub-Counties of Metu and Itula are covered by forests, the major vegetation cover in the district is savannah woodland with isolated thorn shrubs found near streams and rivers.

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