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Things to Do While in Nebbi

We’ll never leave you short of things to do while you’re in Nebbi.

Alur Kingdom Palace

Nebbi Alur King

Just 2km from Nebbi town at Jukia Hill along Paidha road, is the Kingdom Palace of the Alur which is where King Olarker Phillip Rauni III was coronated on October 30, 2010.

The king established this Palace from the old one in Atyak Sub County, Zombo district as his main working base with a view of bringing services closer to his subjects due to its central location, favouring every member of the Kingdom in terms of distance. 


Biku Prayer Mountain

World's Smallest Church

Located on Nduru rock in Nebbi district, Biku is commonly referred to as the ‘Smallest Church’ in the World. At 8ft tall and 2.5 metres wide, the Chapel can only accommodate three people including the Preacher!

Its history dates back to 1996 when Pastor Song, a Korean, together with the retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi founded it.

The Centre’s Ministry is focused on Spiritual Healing for individuals and Church groups. It is hoped that those, who go to the Church meet with God in a special way, receive a vision for their future and become bold soldiers of the Gospel.

It is believed that Africans like being on the move, therefore, by providing nine prayer points on the mountain would create a comfortable setting for people to pray, praise and mediate on God’s word by its founders.

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