Places to Visit in Yumbe District

Agbwinika Waterfalls

Yumbe Agbinika Waterfalls

Agbwinika is a waterfall on River Koch granitic rock bed of about 30 meters with natural trees and forest reserve suitable also for picnic activities. It is located in Romogi Sub County, Yumbe district.






Bidi-Bidi Refugee Settlement Camp

Yumbe Refugee Camp

Bidibidi is an historical site of the former Ikafe camp which hosted the South Sudanese refugees struggling for the new nation of South Sudan. The camp was later occupied by UNRF II, who signed a peace agreement with the Government of Uganda on December 24, 2002 at Yumbe district Boma ground.

To date, it is the second largest refugee hosting camp in the World following the 2013 outbreak of new fighting in South Sudan. United Nations estimates the current number of mainly South Sudanese refugees in Bidibidi at 270, 000.



Iron Mining and Smelting Archaeological Site

The Iron and Smelting Archaeological site is also found in Romogi Sub County with closed the pit shafts of iron ore mining. The archaeological surface material includes the huge concentration of iron slag, smelting pipes and broken pottery shreds spread in a wide area of kilometers. The known iron smelter was Mzee Yiga, who started extracting the iron ore in 1911.

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