Three Must See Places in Zombo District

Nyagak Power Dam

Zombo Water Plant

Nyagak is the main source of the 3.5MW hydro electricity power for West Nile Region. The hilly plains and valleys coupled with River Nyagak provide beautiful scenery for both tourists and locals, who would like to know how power is generated in the area.




King’s Old Palace

One of the key known tourism sites in Zombo district is the first Alur Kingdom Palace (Kaal) located at Winam Village, Atyak Sub County.

The palace contains the tomb of Valente Kerioma Jobi II, the 26th King of the Alur people, and an old structure believed to have been constructed in 1920s.

King Jobi II is the grandfather of the current Alur King, His Highness Phillip Olarker Rauni III.

Ngbungbu Falls

Ngbungbu Falls is a little known water fall on River Ora in Ugudu village, Angol Parish, Atyak Sub County. Officials believe that the fall has the potential of generating 5MW Hydro Electric power to boost the capacity of Nyagak power dam.

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